Safety Comes First – Care-Free Corporate Car Rides with Legendary Private Car

Posted by: admin May 8th, 2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, there’s been a lot of fear and unpredictability in everyday life. Many aspects of one’s life suffer, and transportation is no exception. If you’re wondering, “How to book a ride in Chicago during the COVID-19 lockdown?” rest assured that Legendary Private Car has an answer for you. Efficiency, safety, and luxury are only a call away!

In these times of uncertainty, having a reliable ground transportation provider near Chicago can be of big help. These professionals are there to make sure all of your rides are safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. Legendary Private Car has been Chicagoans’ number one choice when it comes to hiring chauffeured rides nearby for a reason. Well, more than one, actually. Let us assist you in this tough period and be your reliable partner on the roads of the Windy City.

You’ve trusted us with your private rides before, and here’s why you’ll feel secure and adore driving with us during the pandemic, too:

  • 1. All vehicles are clean and sanitized

Safety Comes First

It’s a well-known fact that every vehicle in Legendary Private Car’s fleet gets cleaned, vacuumed, and regularly maintained, after each ride. As you can imagine, this stays the same, even during this pandemic. LPC’s team considers hygiene extremely important. That’s why all of the cars are thoroughly cleaned with anti-bacterial sanitizers after each client. 

Legendary Private Car’s vehicles are always a safe environment for you to relax and enjoy Chicago black car rides, whether you’re looking for a chauffeured ride to and from the airport, special occasion, or business meeting.

  • 2. Chauffeurs wear masks and gloves

To ensure an even higher level of safety, all of LPC’s employees are happy to wear both masks and gloves when driving you to your destination. If you want, you can also wear them inside your nearest car on-demand, but you don’t really have to because the car is already super-clean and sanitized. 

You can rest assured that your business black car ride will be executed flawlessly while following the Government guidelines against the COVID-19 outbreak. The safety of all clients, as well as employees, comes first for Legendary Private Car!

  • 3. You’ll be on time

Organizing a car ride in Chicago during this unpleasant situation can be time-consuming when it comes to the procedure of cleaning and sanitizing every millimeter of vehicles, your chauffeur’s uniform, etc. However, Legendary Private Car’s logistic team takes all of that into consideration when reserving your closest black car service. That’s why you can have peace of mind knowing that your assigned driver will be there on time, ready to transport you wherever you need to get to in a timely manner.

You won’t have to worry about being late for a business meeting. With us by your side, you’re ensured timely arrival to the Loop, O’Hare airport, or any other destination in Chicagoland.

  • 4. Your rides will be safe

Safety Comes First - Safe Rides

As said, your health will never be compromised when you rely on Legendary Private Car close to you to take care of your rides. Besides that, these professionals know all Chicago’s streets and areas inside and out. With the help of the best transportation logistic team that monitors traffic conditions each second, LPC’s experts will always know which routes to take to avoid jams, accidents, and delays.

Sit back and relax as your kind and friendly chauffeur does what he/she knows best – minds the road, so you don’t have to. No matter if you’re traveling to Chicago center from Barrington, Lemont, Lake Bluff, or any other area. You’ll be provided with the safest, most elegant, and coziest private car rides near your location, that’s a guarantee.

  • 5. All of your rides will be stress-free

Safety Comes First - Stress-Free Rides

Since all of these measures are being respected, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy every second of your smooth and pleasant ride. Forget about questions such as “Is riding in a privately chauffeured black car during the COVID-19 pandemic safe?” because with Legendary Private Car, you know it is! 

This entire situation is already stressful enough, and this team knows that the last thing you need is to be worried while traveling. Have your quiet and peaceful time while enjoying on the back seat of a luxurious sedan or SUV. Having a private chauffeur for hire in Chicago should be a relaxing experience where you get to forget about traffic and just enjoy your ride. Legendary Private Car makes that possible!

Where Can I Reserve Black Car Service Chicago Near Me with Legendary Private Car?

As always, you can easily hire a car on-demand by giving us a call and talking over every detail regarding your ride with the friendliest customer support representatives in the industry. 

Another way of reserving your vehicle is by completing the booking widget on the website where you’ll finish the entire reservation process in a couple of minutes. You’ll also be able to pre-arrange your rides a few weeks earlier if you prefer having everything taken care of in advance. 

The last option is to install Legendary Private Car’s mobile app and keep track of your previous and appointed rides, favorite vehicles, and check rates whenever you want. 

Choose the type of booking that works best for you, and take care of your privately chauffeured black car rides quickly and effortlessly. Legendary Private Car has your back and makes sure you travel safely and comfortably even during this crazy pandemic. Rest assured that you’ll experience safe and enjoyable rides in the entire Chicago area with the best black car company in Illinois!