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If you ever asked yourself: “Where is the best black car company near me”, or “find a Mercedes Maybach and S Class wedding sedan rental close to North Shore?”, Legendary Private Car has the answer and – is the answer.

But it hasn’t always been so…

Once Upon a Time…

Almost a decade ago, a Polish-American man had a dream. In those times Legendary Private Car was just a clever idea that this guy had, and he worked incredibly hard to make his dream come true. It wasn’t easy, not a second of it. The road to triumph was long and paved with sleepless nights and numerous sacrifices – but he’s made it!

The Land of Opportunity - Private Car Service Chicago

What Kept Him Going?

Leszek Humienik came to The Land of Opportunity with a personal and business goals in mind: for his daughter to be born here, and her becoming his true American Dream, and for himself to establish a successful, reliable transportation business to show busy Chicagoans that transfers don’t have to be a hassle! He was born to drive and started at the age of 7. Clocking miles and working on his cars is in his DNA. Averaging approximately 70,000 miles per year, he has driven almost 2 million miles (which equals 80 times around the earth or 4 round trips to the moon).
In 1995 he was the first and only one to introduce a famous Japanese make, Acura Legend, as a commercial sedan in the industry, and was able to reach 500,000 on the car by the Summer of 2001, averaging 91,000 miles per year, for over 5 years in a raw (which equals the annual mileage of a Formula One drivers).
The legendary car and achievement was Leszek’s inspiration for the name of the company. The passion and love for amazing airport rides and jobs well done got him where he is today – prosperous executive black car business owner who has customers raving about ORD airport rides his team handles day after day.

His motto has always been simple “Tell me where, and I’ll get you there”, and he’s made sure to pass that down to all of his employees. Starting with just one sedan roaming Chicago streets, his fleet has grown over the years, now counting dozens of sensational vehicles and chauffeurs whose service is beyond spectacular. Even today, everybody on his team follows his motto to the letter!

Why? Because such an approach guarantees customer satisfaction, with a visible proof on Tripadvisor, Google, and Yelp.

Don’t take a chance and hire a livery company nearby you don’t trust when you can reap all the benefits of Legendary Private Car’s fantastic service. How to book chauffeured O’Hare black car services at attainable, wallet-friendly prices, you ask? With just a couple of clicks, or a phone call to this well-known Chicago black car company! Give Legendary Private Car app a go and you’ll see how much is a luxury car rental in Chicago, and how easy it is to arrange.

Where can I find the best private car services in Chicago? Anywhere in the Metropolitan Chicago Area! Legendary Private Car offers the nearest Chicago airport rides to North Shore, Chicago’s North-West Suburbs as well as South-West Chicago Suburbs too. Your trusted livery confidants will be right there to guide you from your current location to wherever you want/need to be. Not to mention that the ride will be executed flawlessly, in a vehicle of your choosing, at all times. With Legendary Private Car, all of your transfers will be relaxed, fun, and (don’t you forget it) – legendary.

When You Get a Legendary Private Car, You’ll Enjoy:

Private Car Service Chicago Corporate Travel Airport Private Car Near Me

  • 24/7 ORD airport shuttle, Palwaukee, Midway, and DuPage corporate airport car service close to Chicago area
  • Your pick from a wide selection of vehicles: 2024 Maybach S580, 2019 Mercedes S Class 560, our 2023 Mercedes GLS 450, 2024 CADILLAC ESCALADE, among many others
  • Dependable, efficient and safe corporate, point to point and hourly service not far off from Chicago
  • Booking in advance via Legendary Private Car IOS or Android app, website, text message, e-mail, or by calling
  • The closest town car rentals for weddings, doctor’s appointments, concerts, and sporting events
  • All inclusive pricing at the time of booking: no tipping, extras or surcharges. Guaranteed
  • Prompt, licensed, courteous, and experienced drivers with extensive knowledge of North Shore and Chicago

Legendary 5-Star Service Combines:

  • Super-friendly customer care
  • Real-time service control (GPS monitoring, driver rating)
  • In-car internet access, with smartphone and MacBook Pro available (standard in a FIRST CLASS sedan)
  • All fares can be charged automatically to a linked credit card or an existing corporate account, and are issued an e-receipt
  • An email confirmation of your every ride request and SMS updates on the day of your trip: one informing you that your car is on its way, and a notification of arrival at the pickup location
  • A 60-minute waiting period for international arrivals, 30-minute for domestic, and 10-minute for any residential, office or public location pickups
  • The VIP Loyalty program that rewards Legendary Private Car’s most frequent and regular clients.

Why Should I Choose Legendary Private Car Among All Other Chicago Car Service Providers?

Not all Chicago black car companies within a close range are the same. Some are shady, others will cost you an arm and a leg and for many of them you will be just another “ride” to get over with. Some faux-luxury-transportation companies don’t even hide the fact that their sole goal is to squeeze all your pennies out of you, with minimum effort. If you’re already paying for the nearest ORD private car service, why would you settle for anything less than perfect?

Well, at Legendary Private Car, you’ll get a superb treatment every step of the way, especially when getting to and from O’Hare International Airport. And that’s a promise! This team is aware of the fact, that every customer has a different story, and that every journey requires a special approach. That’s why all of the services offered can be adjusted, assuring your ultimate satisfaction, which is (at the end of the day) the ultimate goal! Turning any customer into a happy passenger is a sure way of getting a returning, legendary traveler.

From the moment you call 847-875-9797, you’ll be greeted by a friendly voice eager to help with any kind of a transportation plan you had in mind. Legendary customer service representative will always hear you out and give helpful advice regarding your soon-to-be-travels. Do you need to get yourself and 3 of your colleagues from the airport to Evanston or Winnetka, and you were thinking of getting Cadillac XTS? Somebody who’s in black car rental business for a long time would strongly suggest Mercedes S Class instead of that XTS. An Executive Sedan, or Luxury Mercedes GLS is a much better fit, regardless of how short your transfer is.

That was just a basic example of how useful can it be to talk your plans over with a professional who’s aware of all the factors that need to be taken into your transportation equation. But if you don’t think that’s necessary, or you don’t like booking over the phone, there’s always another option with Legendary:

How Fast Can I Book My Executive ORD Airport Ride near Chicago Online?

In a minute or two, or even quicker if you’re quick to click! Days of booking your chauffeured service only via telephone are long gone, the era of making your appointment online is upon us! The first thing you’ll see on Legendary Private Car homepage is the super-convenient booking widget. It’s not there to only look pretty (although you must admit, it’s certainly kind on the eyes), but to be of service to any web user on a lookout for a driver service close to Chicago. Notice the sleek design and smooth transition, as you select “One Way” or “Hourly” ride. For per hour service black car, you’ll have to enter a pickup location and then choose the number of hours you want the car rental to be at your disposal.

When it comes to the other option, drop off location has to be selected as well as the place where you want to be picked up. So, let’s say you choose Glencoe Public Library as a starting point and Kenilworth, as the journey’s end. Continue with a “CHECK ALL INCLUSIVE RATES” and you’re already halfway there!

All Done, What Should I Do Next?

Once you come to “RIDE DETAILS” part of the booking process, all the little technicalities come into play. Use the simple interface to single out the number of passengers, pieces of luggage, along with date and time you want for your very own Chicago airport ride. Isn’t it so cool that you can be precise to the minute when you’re hiring corporate car rental “close to me”? Just click on “Start Booking” button to proceed, and you’ll land on “SELECT YOUR CAR” portion of your black car booking endeavor! Little pictures of black cars will appear in front of you with all-inclusive estimates of prices above them. Click on the offer that is most appropriate for your situation, and all that’s left is just your credit card info and you’re good to go!

When Should I Book Legendary Black Car Rental near My Area?

Whenever you want to! But the general rule of thumb is the sooner the better. Whereas the widget only allows bookings 2 hours in future, the Legendary Private Car team will do it’s best to accommodate your needs on even shorter notice, given that there’s drivers or cars available. If you contact us over the phone, mail or any other mean of communication, somebody will get back to you as soon as physically possible. To assure the optimal chauffeured service close by and your ultimate comfort, though it’s best to book ahead of time. That’s the only way to guarantee an awesome ride that you deserve.

How Much Does an ORD Black Car Rental per Hour Cost?

There’s a question that can have a countless number of answers. A journey from Urbana-Champaign, Illinois to Chicago Union Station, doesn’t have the same price tag as a quick jaunt from McCormick Place to Lemont. Moreover, an hour inside of a business sedan doesn’t have the identical value as 60 minutes in the executive sedan.

People Behind Legendary Wheel - Private Car Service Chicago

Who Are the People Behind Legendary Wheel?

Simply put, only creme de la creme of chauffeurs have the chance to become a part of Legendary Private Car team. Not only do they have to know how to deliver amazing transportation to O’Hare airport from the suburbs, but LPC employees have to be wonderful people as well. Can they take you from Naperville to Lake Forest, without uttering a word when you had a rough day and want to enjoy the silence? Or do they have the chops to keep you entertained from Schaumburg all the way to Lake Bluff, without boring you? Keeping up the conversation is no easy task, but the same goes for being tactfully silent when the client needs it. Legendary Private Car makes sure to hire only the people who can do both!

What About Safety and Cleanliness?

Everything! Clients’ well being comes first and foremost. Every single driver in Legendary Private Car employ must have all the necessary safety training mastered. That being said, all of them have to pass mandatory, random drug and alcohol tests, to warrant the ultimate, peaceful and precise execution with every ORD airport shuttle ride in the vicinity. On top of that, vehicles driven are thoroughly inspected on a regular basis, which gives us a chance to catch all the problems “under the hood”, and fix them long before they cause any damage. Cleanliness is also among Legendary Private Car’s main priorities.

You’ll never see a “sloppy” Lincoln Navigator or Cadillac Escalade picking you up. With expectations running extremely high, no respectable black car company that cares about its image would pick up a client in any machine that’s anything less than spotless! You can bet your bottom dollar on the fact that Legendary Private Car is one of the companies who care about your opinion greatly!

Where Can Legendary Private Car Black Car Company Close to Chicago Take Me To?

So glad you asked! Legendary Private Car is a sedan rental company near North Shore, specializing in corporate and airport transfers. But, if you reach out and let us know of your transportation needs, this reliable team in Chicago will do everything in its power to make your wishes come true. Do you need to get from South Bend to Libertyville? Done! Or you have to pick one colleague at Arlington Heights, the second one in Northbrook and the third one in Buffalo Grove since you have a joint flight to catch? Let us assist you in that endeavor. Booking with Legendary Private Car means making the best of Chicago’s North-West Suburbs as well as South-West Chicago Suburbs, its metropolitan area, and everything in between. Who wouldn’t want a driver service that calculates and then goes the distance? When it comes to LPC customers – only sky’s the limit (more precisely the airport or seaport for that matter – this is ground transportation company after all).

For Which Occasion Should I Rent a Chicago Black Car?

Any occasion is a good excuse to get yourself a luxurious transportation experience! You’ve earned it! Whether it’s your wedding day in question or a quick trip from Burr Ridge to Hinsdale, on a bleak afternoon when you simply can’t look for taxis or other ways around Windy City. Your favorite Chicago closest black car team around the corner, is here to support you, whether if it’s an ordinary or the most special day of your life. Any day will be significantly improved once you get yourself a deluxe machine with a true master behind the wheel, ready to take you from Barrington Hills to Wilmette, or anywhere else. Legendary Private ORD airport ride service rentals are perfect for anybody who wants their rides managed by experts instead of wasting time and nerves on the road. Committed to making your good days marvelous, and bad days just a little bit (or a lot) more bearable, Legendary Private Car will take over all of the road troubles.

Should I Bookmark Legendary Private Car Website?

Of course, you should! Not only that you’ll get a shortcut to all the fancy rides by doing so, but you’ll also be among the first who see new posts on Legendary Private Car blog. Yeah, you read it right! All-things-black car, business, Chicago and life related will be discussed on this part of the website. Why? Because transportation is a huge part of modern man’s life, and there’s a lot to be said on the subject. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself, and let us know which subject should be covered next, or what would you like to read about. Every client’s input is valued and cherished, so contact us and suggest away!

And Last but Not Least:

No matter where your road will take you today, tomorrow or days after that, count on Legendary Private Car to upgrade your travels! Trust the most *legendary* Chicago black car company nearby with your ORD airport rides, and all other kinds of transportation and you’ll never have to worry about your transfers again. That is a promise!

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