Why You Need to Hire a Black Car Chauffeur in Chicago for These 5 Occasions

Posted by: admin February 25th, 2020

While hiring a car on-demand on a daily basis sounds perfect, not everyone can afford driving in a black car every single day (even though Legendary Private Car is Chicago’s finest transportation company that offers really affordable rates). 

However, there are some occasions that simply require an elegant vehicle. And, since this Chicago ground-transportation expert is only a call away, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the incredible fleet that Legendary Private Car offers. 

For that reason, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the unsurpassable level of comfort, luxury, and style when in need of a “black car near me” service for the following events & occasions!

1. Business Meetings and Conferences

Business Meetings - Black Car Chauffeur

Successful business people know that first impressions matter in the business world. Imagine stepping out of one of LPC’s exceptional vehicles when arriving at a hotel or office for your conference/meeting. Your clients and potential partners or investors will be astonished and immediately think of you as a successful business person that knows how to handle every situation.

Being late is also unacceptable. That’s why hiring an executive sedan in Chicago with Legendary Private Car is the most reasonable thing to do if you want a reliable and prompt car ride to your destination. Consider reserving one of LPC’s sedans such as Mercedes S560, Cadillac XTS, or Lincoln Continental when you want to experience the utmost comfort and smooth rides that will allow you to relax before important business talks.  

2. Chauffeured Rides to the Airport

Many people wonder how to get to and from O’Hare airport without stressing over traffic. Considering the number of passengers that O’Hare serves and the overall traffic conditions in Chicago, it’s reasonable why finding a dependable airport limo rental is essential if you want to stay calm and relaxed. Why not have Legendary Private Car on your beck and call and ensure your rides from and to the airport go smoothly and stress-free.

Pre-arrange your airport pickup and drop off, and the nearest chauffeured car will be sent your way on time. Even if your flight gets delayed, Legendary Private Car’s team will track it with the premium software, to ensure the timing of your pickup is right. You’ll appreciate the convenience of having the luxurious black car at the terminal, that will have enough space for your luggage and provide top-notch rides at flat rates wherever in the Chicago area you need to get to. Keep in mind that Legendary Private Car doesn’t only offer O’Hare (ORD) airport limo rides, but it also serves other Chicago airports such as 

  • Chicago Executive Airport / Palwaukee Municipal Airport (PWK)
  • Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)
  • DuPage Airport (DPA)
  • 3. Weddings

    Weddings - Black Car Chauffeur

    If there’s one occasion that absolutely requires a black car service rental, that would, without a doubt, be your wedding day. The bride & groom deserve to experience the highest level of comfort, elegance, and luxury on their wedding day, and Legendary Private Car’s fleet can offer exactly that. Choose between a prompt point to point car service if you want a simple ride from point A to point B, or go with an hourly black car ride if you want to make a few stops and take some pictures before arriving at the venue, and have the most romantic chauffeured car ride for the wedding in Chicago with the best team.

    Whichever service you choose, expect the utmost professionalism of Legendary Private Car Chicago drivers and clean, maintained, and elegant vehicles for each ride. Other than the city center, LPC team gladly serves numerous Chicago suburbs and provides the best chauffeured black car services in 

  • Barrington
  • Burr Ridge
  • Wilmette
  • Lake Forest
  • Barrington Hills, etc.
  • 4. Fancy Events

    Fancy Events - Black Car Chauffeur

    Other than wedding parties, other elegant events would also be complete if you rent a luxurious premium sedan or SUV. Red carpet-like events deserve to be experienced in an equally lavish vehicle. Legendary Private Car can assist you and offer one of the breathtaking Chicago cars on-demand that will leave everyone at the event speechless.

    Book the closest car service with us and travel safely and in luxury to a Chicago concert, elegant business dinner, engagement parties, etc. Don’t risk ruining your outfit for that special event by traveling in dirty and unreliable public transport or taxis. Legendary Private Car’s fleet provides excellent transportation services to all Chicago residents and visitors for the best travel experience for any event.

    5. Teambuilding

    Taking care of your employees’ happiness at work is of extreme importance if you want them to be productive. They need to feel appreciated, and that’s why organizing fun team building parties, outings, and vacations can be very motivating for them and allow them to do the job even better. If you want to be the best boss in the world, treat your colleagues and employees to the most comfortable and smooth black car rides near Chicago so that they can relax and not think about the road. 

    With Legendary Private Car’s friendly team, you can talk over the services and come up with the best solution for your team. Do you want to take your employees out to a sporting event, concert, or city tour? Give us a call and book a powerful SUV close to you. For example, Legendary Private Car Chevrolet Suburban can accommodate up to seven passengers in the utmost comfort and safety. Reserve any vehicle that fits your needs, and have fun with your dear colleagues while bonding outside the office.

    Why Book a Black Car Ride with Legendary Private Car?

    Long gone are the days when hiring a private car to drive you around was considered something only rich people can afford. Lately, more and more people are indulging in luxury and elegance that reserving a chauffeured car in the vicinity for everyday and special occasion rides brings. 

    Why? Because of black car companies such as Legendary Private Car that offers deluxe car rides in Chicago without breaking the bank. Don’t let this confuse you though, a lower price doesn’t mean poor service, on the contrary. No matter where you need a ride when in Chicago, one of the top-rated private car agencies in the area is there to make sure every ride you book is flawlessly executed from start to finish.

    Have one of the above-mentioned events coming soon? Or do you simply want to experience the comfort of smooth and lux car rides in Chicago? Well, now you know which black car agency nearby to call.

    Forget about questions like “Where to find a chauffeured car near me?” / “How much for a private car in Chicago?” / “How to get from the Loop to the Golden Coast?” and similar. Hire a chauffeur with Legendary Private Car, and relish in comfort, style, elegance, and safety whenever you feel like it!