Want an Unforgettable Wedding? Include These 4 Things in Your Ceremony

Posted by: admin April 24th, 2018

Saying “Yes” to your partner may have been one of the most exciting things you’ve experienced but – promising a forever in front of your entire family and your friends will be an even more spectacular moment for everyone! If you’ve been dreaming of your big day for a while now and you want to give it a touch of the extraordinary, here are a few things you can do to help it be everything you’ve envisioned!

Want an Unforgettable Wedding? Include These 4 Things in Your Ceremony

Get Personal and Sentimental

The best way to have the wedding of your dreams is to, well, tailor-organize it based on your dreams! Brainstorm wedding elements you’ve always hoped to be a part of your big day and note them down. Weigh things out based on your budget, the season you are throwing the wedding in, the number of people you want present and the overall vibe you are chasing. Once you get a clear vision of things, you’ll know exactly what fits your wedding ceremony.

NOTE: Don’t shy away from including sentimental elements into your modern celebration; wear your grand mum’s wedding dress gracefully, borrow your mum’s veil, give your neck a special grace by wearing a necklace your future hubby bought you at for your birthday… The more personal elements you include in your wedding, the more special will everything be.

Go with a Fabulous Venue

Fabulous Venue - Want an Unforgettable Wedding? Include These 4 Things in Your Ceremony

The type of venue you choose is half the spectacle; instead of getting married in an ordinary venue, such as a restaurant or the City Hall, opt for a venue that will have everyone awe in amazement. Open-air options such as parks, a country house yard/barnyard, the beach, etc. are always a fabulous idea, especially if you are planning to throw your wedding during warm spring/summer days. For an added hint of sentiment, choose a venue with a special meaning: if it’s a park, let it be the park where you and your fiancé kissed for the first time. If it’s a country house, make it your family’s, etc. You get the gist.

Rent a Limo

No matter the venue location, arriving in a limousine to your wedding is the most glamorous thing you can do. Book a wedding limo with a trusted black car service nearby for the most luxurious, hassle-free experience that will make you feel like royalty. Legendary Private Car is the best wedding limo service in town that, depending on your travel (bridal) party, custom-designs their wedding service in terms of service duration, chauffeur service, the type of black car you are looking to book and all other elements that, once planned, fall into place perfectly. If you want to be the best bride ever, consider booking a limo for your future hubby and his party, too– he’ll love his wedding gift! When you two arrive at the venue separately and yet – each in the veil of glamour – you’ll be the talk of the town, for sure!

Wedding Kiss - Want an Unforgettable Wedding? Include These 4 Things in Your Ceremony

Do Something Out of Ordinary

Although traditional weddings do have a certain fabulousness to them, the modern days are all about atypical, extraordinary celebrations that stick. If you are into theme weddings at all, think about coming up with a theme both you and your guests will enjoy. In 2017 we’ve seen everything from barn, rustic and vintage weddings to film and books-inspired settings and boho-chic options. Themes chosen according to color are going to be a huge hit in 2018, so maybe find your solution there? Apart from adopting a wedding theme, you can go with quirky little details like unusual wedding invitations, cute party favors, an ice-cream truck as a surprise element and a dessert serving, a photo booth instead of a wedding photographer, a wish board, etc. Choices are many, really – as long as you let your imagination run wild!

Your wedding ceremony is one of the most beautiful days you’ll get to experience in a lifetime, so make sure you do everything right. Choose your fabulous venue, book a wedding limo on time, consult your hubby for ceremony details and let the planning start!