Legendary Chicago Guide: 10 Places in Windy City You Simply Must Visit

Posted by: admin November 28th, 2018

Is this your first time visiting Chicago? Or is it your 1000th time in the Mud City? Either way, you ought to stop by some important landmarks before you have to go back to the airport again!

Legendary team has got your back in any case! For all Chicago tourists, no matter if business obligations dragged you to Windy City or if you came of your own free will. The same goes for all Chicago locals, the first-rate black car rental service near me is here to support you in all of your Chicago endeavors.

Legendary Chicago Guide: 10 Places in Windy City You Simply Must Visit

You can count on Legendary Private Car to be always close to you, so feel free to toss all of your transportation-related worries out of your very own town car rental window. From now, only a click separates you from the professionals willing to help with any Chi-town tour you want to plan and execute.

Let’s start with just a few legendary suggestions you may want to take into consideration when in the biggest city in Illinois. Bear in mind though, this is just the tip of an iceberg of a destination called Chicagotown:

1) Millennium Park

There is plenty of fun stuff to do at 24.5 acres of Chicagoland near Lake Michigan shoreline. The area is filled with interesting architecture landmarks and awe-inspiring pieces of art. The most famous one is probably Cloud Gate aka The Bean, a beautiful sculpture that reflects and distorts Chicago’s skyline (sort of like a fish-eye effect, you have to see it for yourself, any picture won’t do it justice). Followed by Crown Fountain, a huge video sculpture that’s also a sight to be seen, if you’re already in the neighborhood. You could go for a ride on a Ferris wheel, go ice skating or enjoy an outdoor concert. After all the sightseeing you’ll surely be exhausted, but if you have Legendary by your side, that’s not an issue. You can rest your feet all you want in your Mercedes 550 rental nearby all the way to your desired destination whether it’s in South Bend, Barrington Hills or somewhere on  North Shore.

How to Spend My Time in Millenium Park?

As is it the case with most parks, you don’t need a ticket to enter. With us accompanying you there,  you don’t even have to worry about parking! Not to mention that you won’t have to schlep all of your picnic supplies by hand if you book this fantastic driver service near Chicago!  Bring your favorite snacks, warm blanket and remember that a little bit of champagne goes a long way (you have somebody to drive you home after all)! Keep in mind that the busiest periods in Millenium Park are evenings and weekends, so plan your visits accordingly.

2) The Art Institute of Chicago

Home to the greatest Impressionist collection outside of Paris, and one of the oldest and biggest art museums on US soil! If you’re already here, use this chance to impress your family or business partners, and organize a group excursion! If there’s up to 7 of you, Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition or Chevrolet Suburban could fit you easily, with plenty luggage room to spare. Some people recommend visiting it twice at least since it can be overwhelming if you try to take it in all in one go. No matter how many times you decide to visit, choose only the finest car service to take you there. If you need a private car rental near Michigan Ave from  North-West or South West Suburbs, just give us a ring and you’ll get to enjoy art in no time!

3) Lincoln Park’s Zoo and Museums

They say that nothing in life is free… Well, that’s not entirely true. If nothing else, you can be certain that the entrance to Millennium Park and Lincoln Park Zoo is free of charge! You’ll find more than 1200 animals on this 35-acre attraction, everything from reptiles and birds to mammals and other species… Any person will encounter a creature that will pique their interest for sure! Check out their website for further details, there are a lot of activities for all age groups.

But let’s not forget the park itself (the entrance here is free as well)! How can the area which stretches through 5 Chicago community areas: Edgewater, Uptown, Lake View, Lincoln Park, and Near North, go unvisited? Especially if there are Conservatory, Nature and History Museums closeby? Book your ride there today, and you can visit them all! True curious spirits would travel even circa 150 miles from Urbana-Champaign, Illinois to Lincoln Park in order to discover all the wonders that this area hides.

4) Museum Campus

Speaking of museums, Lincoln Park is not the only place in Chicago that offers opportunities to gain more info about the world around you! Chicago has a 57-acre park called Museum Campus which people interested in science will thoroughly enjoy. This area was created in an effort to connect the space between the Adler Planetarium, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Field Museum of Natural History. For starters, visit Sue! She’s the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton that the human kind recovered so far! You’ll find her right at the entrance of the Field Museum of Natural History along with lots of other interesting stuff.  After that, you might consider stopping by Shedd Aquarium, delving into deep and exploring all sea creatures that call this establishment their home. And once you researched the land and the sky, it’s ‘bout time to get lost in stars, don’t you think? A perfect place to that would be Adler Planetarium, in all its glory. And of course, count on us to be on standy by, to drive you to Highland Park, Kenilworth, Lake Bluff or anywhere else, whenever you need.

Museum Campus - Legendary Chicago Guide

How to Get to the Museum Campus?

The answer to this question is not universal. It depends! What is your starting point? Assuming that you’re headed from McCormick Place, then it’s only a mile, and you could walk that far. But the road is a bit longer if you’re headed from Arlington Heights (30 miles) or Libertyville (around 40 miles). What a wonderful opportunity to make use of Legendary exceptional vehicles, right? Books your luxury ride near my location, and investigate all the Museums this side of Chicago has to offer!

5) Skydeck Chicago – Willis Tower

Does it even count as a Chicago visit if you don’t climb the tallest building in Western Hemisphere? If you manage to visit this place, you can literally see the whole of City By the Lake, and anything that’s in the 50-mile radius! Saying that’s spectacular would be an understatement for sure. So even you don’t have the time to see anything else, go see this place!

And how to get to 233 S Wacker Dr, Chicago? Easy, with the best private car company near any Chicago airport! The Skydeck is only 10 miles away from MDW! The distance between O’Hare and Willis Tower is a bit more, 17 miles to be precise, but it will go by in a flash when you book the nearest chauffeured service of your dreams to take you there. If you’re on your way from Paulwakee or Dupage, prepare yourself for a longer ride! To get here from PWK you’ll have to cross 26 miles and from DPA there’s 46 separating you from wonderful views of  360-degree outlook on Chicago! Call 847-875-9797 and see this fantastic sight together!

6)  Experience The Lyric Opera

Whether you think that Opera is only for stuffy people who haven’t discovered the “good music yet” or you’re generally a true opera fan, you should get yourself a seat in this place! With a maximum capacity of 3,563 (according to Google), you’re looking at the second biggest opera in North America! It was founded in 1954 and it has an impressive record of 95% average attendance since 1998. Chicago Union Station is just a few steps away! 20 N Upper Wacker Dr, Chicago is only a half a mile away from Union Station. Even though you could take your time and have a little stroll, but why would you if you have a chauffeur in a BMW7 close by?

7) The Magnificent Mile

Are you a  shopping freak? Than this avenue will be a dream come true for all your consumer desires! The Magnificent Mile didn’t earn its top position among world’s favorite shopping destinations by being average! Not a chance! The 13-block stretch of North Michigan Avenue in question is a safe spot where you can shop your little heart out, explore all the nuances of international cuisines and enjoy all them plush things this world can offer. From Chicago River, all the way to Oak Street there’s more than 450 stores, 270 restaurants, 60 hotels and all kinds of possibilities for unique and wonderful entertainment.

Don’t restrain yourself- go nuts! With Legendary hourly black car rental waiting for you, you’ll have somebody at all times to assist you with bags. Once the bags are safely packed, you could be driven wherever you want at a moment’s notice. Will it be Schaumburg, Hinsdale or Evanston? Just tell us where and you’ll already be on your way!

8) Navy Pier

To see Lake Michigan in its best suit, you simply have to visit Navy Pier. With almost 10 million people visiting it yearly, Navy Pier certainly has a lot to show for itself. Who would have thought that once upon a time, this wonderful tourist trap was a prison? Draft dodgers in World War I did their time on the very same ground people use to walk and relax today. In 1927 the “Municipal Pier” was renamed Navy Pier and re-purposed as a tribute for Navy Personnel and their service during the war. At the time of World War II, this pier was used as a training for pilots. Nowadays, the only things “flying” over the Navy Pier are fireworks and people who ride on the 15-story Ferris wheel.

Do you have little ones by your side? Not a problem! If none of this works, you can always take them to the that conveniently located inside the Family Pavilion.

What Is the Distance Between the Navy Pier and My Current Location?

And most importantly, is it worth the drive if it’s too long? It’s worth a 40-mile drive from Barrington, 35-mile Buffalo Grove trip or a 30-mile jaunt to Deerfield. And even if the distance was a 100 miles, it would be worth it!  With Legendary team, you don’t have to drive yourself, you can hire us to do so! You won’t feel all those miles in a deluxe Cadillac XTS or a fabulous Lexus LS460 L, trust us on that!

Navy Pier - Legendary Chicago Guide

9) Symphony Center – Chicago Symphony Orchestra

There’s no bad seat in the house and the acoustics are fantastic, but again you wouldn’t expect anything less from this famous fine establishment. The cheapest tickets are usually around 40$, and since the shows tend to end around 10-10:30 pm, you’ll have plenty of cash left for a fun night out!  There’s no better place in this world to take your clients or colleagues to, given that you want to present yourself as a worldly person of refined tastes.

But again… It’s 2018, enjoying classical music is all well and good, but you don’t have to save your ears for the classic exclusively. You want to hit the clubs later or visit some underground rave or a rock concert? With clients and colleagues of course!  Legendary will be right there, taking you from point A to point B, all night if that’s what you want.

What Should I Wear When I Go to the Symphony?

Symphony Center has no dress code, although this kind of institution usually comes with an unwritten rule which hints at more formal wear. Still, some people have been seen wearing jeans, and no symphony-dress police denied them entrance. So, it’s safe to assume that as long as you have a ticket, you can wear whatever you want.

10) Wrigley Field

Even though December is not exactly the prime time for baseball, there’s still a lot to enjoy in Wrigleyville. All of you who visit from April to September are in luck because they have an option to catch a Cubs game, buy themselves a hot dog, and enjoy while in sight of virtuosos swinging  their bats around. But there’s no reason to despair, Wrigley has a plethora of other attractions! For example, Wrigley Park, which is just outside of the Friendly Confines at Clark St and Waveland Ave gives plenty of fun all year round.

All the sports fans in the house can take a sigh of relief, Legendary Private Car team will take care of them as well! Are you coming to from Lemont to Wrigley Field?  Do you need a comfortable transfer from Burr Ridge to Wrigleyville? Or is your starting point Lincolnshire? The best car service rental company in Chicago (and further) will take you there and back! Just call us to arrange all the details, or use this handy widget.

11) Chicago Riverwalk

Do you want to bask in view of Chicago’s architecture on one side and have a wide array of restaurants, bars and other attractions on the other? Then, don’t skip a stroll down Chicago Riverwalk! If you’re on a lookout for a cruise, here is the optimal chance to catch one, to truly enjoy Chicago skyline, but from a boat this time around.

Even though you can get yourself a water taxi, you know who has you covered when it comes to ground transportation, right? Don’t you doubt for a second when it comes to Legendary private services nearby!  You’ll get to Riverwalk, no matter if you’re headed from Chicago Medical Center, Naperville or Vernon Hills.

And there you have it, folks! Even though this list only scratched the surface of all the important places Chicago has to offer, it’s certainly a helpful guideline of the must-see locations.

Any which way, Legendary is here to help you arrive where you need or want to go! It would be an honor to be your legendary Chicago guide!