Explore Chicagoland – Top Six Chicago Neighborhoods To Visit and Live in

Posted by: admin September 25th, 2020

If there’s one thing that Chicagoans are proud of is the neighborhood they live in. Each area is unique and offers different things to the residents and tourists. Even though there’s a variety of options (more than 70 neighborhoods) to choose from, it’s important to know the characteristics of every neighborhood in order to decide whether it’s the right fit for your lifestyle. 

Still, Legendary Private Car will provide only the top-notch, most elegant black car rides Chicago has to offer whichever borough or neighborhood you choose to call home. So, before you even decide which area of the Windy City to visit or move to, make sure to remember the most reliable private car company in the area. Now let’s talk about the 6 best neighborhoods in Chicago!

North Center

Explore Chicagoland

If you’re sick of the chaotic lifestyle that’s inevitable in any city as big as Chicago, you’ll appreciate the peace and quiet that North Center offers. Even though this neighborhood is considered pricey when it comes to housing options and the cost of living in general, families with children still gladly choose to call it their home. A lot of green areas and beautiful parks (the most famous one is Horner Park) are the reason why kids love living there. Even more so, the west part of the neighborhood is bordered by the North Branch Chicago River, which makes it a beautiful space for relaxation and breathtaking scenery. 

While the cost of living in North Center is high, one thing’s for sure—Legendary Private Car company close by offers the utmost luxury while still keeping their prices reasonable. Enjoy the best black car vehicles in the industry by hiring the most experienced private chauffeurs on-demand Chicago has to offer.


Do you enjoy being surrounded by charming, historic buildings and artists? Bridgeport is the best choice for anyone who is looking for affordable housing options in Chicago. This neighborhood prides itself on cultural diversity and a wide variety of high-quality, international restaurants. It’s home to the Chicago White Sox’s stadium, and that’s why there are a lot of Sox’s bars in the area. Baseball fans will probably enjoy Bridgeport more than anyone. The Bridgeport Art Center is one of the most popular art and event venues in Chicago.

Need a black car ride to and from the Bridgeport Art Center? Count on Legendary Private Car’s elegant vehicles to take you there in comfort and style. Luxurious, cozy, and safe, this fleet will provide top-notch chauffeured car services in the area.

Humboldt Park

Explore Chicagoland - Humboldt Park

Looking for a spacious green neighborhood with vibrant Puerto Rican culture and affordable rent? Humboldt Park is the place for you. Book a chauffeur on-demand with Legendary Private Car and head over to this incredibly beautiful neighborhood to enjoy the 606 Trail, colorful mosaics, murals and doors, and Puerto Rican food and culture. If you choose to live there, you’ll be impressed by the low rents and old, historic buildings that offer a feel of the old times. Make sure not to miss the swan pedal boats at the beautiful Humboldt Park Lagoon.


Beverly is another Chicago neighborhood suitable for families with kids mostly due to the spacious backyards and the fact that the majority of residents are homeowners. As a matter of fact, Beverly has one of the best rates of homeownership in the city. Another characteristic that makes this neighborhood even more adorable is a plethora of historic buildings and beautiful sceneries. Even though Beverly doesn’t have a lot of public green areas, the north of the neighborhood is bordered by the Dan Ryan Woods.


Young people who are looking for a fun, vibrant, and fast-paced neighborhood to visit or live in will love Uptown Chicago! If you don’t mind living in a condo or coop, you’ll appreciate the lakefront and breathtaking views. The majority of residents are renters and mostly young professionals, students, and artists. The vicinity of Lake Michigan is one of the best things about Uptown. Another upside of this neighborhood is that it’s ethnically diverse. It’s also home to a lot of exciting events, and it’s the center of entertainment in general.

What better way to attend all of those fancy events than to arrive there in the back of an elegant, deluxe, and sleek black car close to you? Hire a private car to and from Uptown’s best events and enjoy while experienced drivers mind the road for you.


Mexican culture lovers will adore Pilsen for sure. The thing that residents and visitors appreciate the most is the rich culinary scene, which means great Mexican restaurants and bars. You’ll find this neighborhood to be very cozy, laid back, and enjoyable. Cute street and coffee shops, together with the incredible artists, create an amazing atmosphere that everyone loves. 

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