6 Reasons to Choose Booking a Black Car Over Taxi for Your Airport Transfers in Chicago

Posted by: admin January 9th, 2020

Have you ever booked a black car service Chicago or do you consider it to be something reserved only for the rich people because no one else can afford it? Well, luckily, this is far from true, at least when it comes to Legendary Private Car

Even though the vehicles in Legendary Private Car’s fleet are stunning and very elegant, booking a chauffeured car nearby with us won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

Other than the major difference in the appearance (because let’s admit it, taxis aren’t that elegant), black cars are a much better option for all your nearest airport shuttle Chicago rides for more than one reason.

Let’s see why it’s much better to book a black car for airport transfers:

6 Reasons to Choose Booking a Black Car Over Taxi

1. It’s More Reliable

Compared to taxi companies that very often leave their customers stranded if they don’t have enough vehicles, booking the closest private car for your rides is a much more dependable choice. Even if you pre-arrange your airport pick-up or drop-off, a safer option would be to rely on your black car company in the vicinity to take care of the ride. 

Other than showing up on time, Legendary Private Car’s chauffeurs will make sure that your every ride goes smoothly and that you arrive at each destination in utmost safety and comfort. Punctuality is essential when it comes to successful business people who need to get to their meetings, conferences, and interviews on time, as well as catch flights without stressing about the traffic. That’s why having a reliable corporate black car on-demand near me” helps a bunch and keeps you relaxed.

2. Different Vehicle Options

As opposed to taxi companies (where all the vehicles are practically the same, and, other than sometimes having the possibility to hire a wheelchair-accessible car, you’re stuck with what the company sends you), black car companies in Chicago usually have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from. 

Legendary Private Car’s fleet features numerous exceptional vehicles that make every car ride in the area feel as if you were a movie star. From the elegant Mercedes S560 to the luxurious SUV ESCALADE, choose the vehicle you like the most and enjoy hourly car rides or point to point black car rental in the entire Chicago area.

3. It’s More Comfortable

Since private car companies have better, high-end vehicles, it’s only logical that they would be a lot more comfortable than the taxicabs. That’s why booking with Legendary Private Car means enjoying on the back seat of any vehicle in comfort, coziness, and style. This can be of big help if you need to know where to hire a car nearby for longer trips and you want only the most comfortable options. 

So, the next time you’re wondering, “what’s the best way to get from Arlington Heights to Naperville?” or “how to travel from Libertyville to Lemont?” go with Legendary Private Car and enjoy smooth and pleasant rides. 

4. More Luggage Space

 Lugage Space - Booking a Black Car

If you’re ever worried about your luggage fitting the small taxi trunk, you can feel relieved knowing that Legendary’s vehicles are very spacious and have enough space for every passenger’s bag. When going to an airport or even at a sports event with all the props for cheering, you need that extra space so that your rides aren’t uncomfortable. 

5. The Cost of Rides is Fixed

One thing’s for sure, having a fixed price for your airport rides in Chicago can lift a lot of weight from one’s shoulders. Taxicab prices are very often unpredictable because they depend on the company as well as the taximeter. When it comes to Legendary Private Car’s prices, you can expect to know the rate even before you reserve a car ride close to the airport, your office, to and from Chicago medical centers, etc.

Although limos and black cars are a bit more pricey than the taxi vehicles, having a flat, fixed rate without hidden costs is so worth it! At the end of the day, you deserve to treat yourself to a comfy and elegant Chicago car service. Also, if you’re a loyal customer, you can expect a lot of advantages and rewards at Legendary Private Car.

6. Chauffeurs Are More Professional

Not that Legendary has anything against taxi colleagues; on the contrary, this team respects everyone. Still, you have to admit that black car chauffeurs close to Chicago very often seem more professional than their taxi colleagues. 

When it comes to Legendary Private Car’s team of drivers, everyone in employ is a highly-experienced, skilled individual that knows Chicago streets like the palm of his/her hand and is certain about the fastest routes. 

As you can see, black cars are indeed the most practical and enjoyable way of getting to and from the Chicago airports, no matter if you’re looking for an airport limo ride to or from:

  • Chicago Executive Airport (PWK)
  • O’Hare Airport (ORD)
  • Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW)
  • DuPage Airport (DPA)

  • Other than providing the most punctual rides to the airport, Legendary Private Car’s team is also an excellent choice for all your wedding black car rentals, Chicago concert rides, car services to and from the North Shore, etc. Give us a call or simply book on LPC’s website – your smooth black car ride is only a call away!