10 Coolest Holiday Gift Ideas for Business People

Posted by: admin December 4th, 2019

Christmas is getting closer and closer! Can you feel the holiday atmosphere in the air? Everyone’s wrapping up their year and thinking about the New Years’ resolutions while finishing their holiday shopping and taking care of the loved ones.

If you haven’t done your holiday shopping yet, and you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for a businessman/businesswoman in your life that’s passionate about his/her job, you’re lucky to be reading this!

Legendary Private Car is a Chicago black car company that has come up with a list of the best gift ideas for business people. Read carefully because any gift from the list will make their holidays even better!

Let’s check them out!

Quality - 10 Coolest Holiday Gift Ideas

1. Quality Laptop Bag

The first suggestion of your nearest black car service Chicago provider, Legendary Private Car, as the perfect gift for an entrepreneur or business person in your life (and not only), is a good-quality laptop bag. No matter which job the person you’re buying it for does, this will be one of the most practical gifts, and that’s exactly what business people love the most!

Of course, with the variety of choices on the market, you’ll be able to find not only quality, sturdy bag but also stylish and chic. Although practical, laptop bags don’t have to be boring. Match the bag to the overall style of your dear family member/friend, and you’ll make them super-happy for sure!

2. Washable Keyboard

Trust Legendary Private Car’s black car Chicago experts and get your business-obsessed friend a washable keyboard for Christmas! If he/she is very passionate about the job and spends hours and hours in front of the computer, the keyboard is most definitely going to have food or coffee stains all over it. Washable keyboards are the easiest way to keep the working surface clean and neat, and that’s why it can be a very practical gift for your dear ones.

3. Portable Phone Charger

Portable Phone Charger - 10 Coolest Holiday Gift Ideas

There’s nothing more annoying than having your phone battery die just when you expect a super-important call. Businesses can suffer from this the most. That’s why a business person in your life will find a portable phone charger to be of great help if they spend a lot of time on-the-go. Since the end of the year is always stressful, a lot of people forget to charge their phones while at home. A portable phone charger can save a lot of time and help them when wrapping business deals.

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Corporate black car rides specialists recommend getting noise-canceling headphones for business people that work in a louder environment and have trouble concentrating on their work. If you have a content creator, programmer, or a digital artist in your life (or practically any other profession that requires 100% concentration), this gift will be the best choice and make their job much easier.

Also, if your loving business person travels a lot, he/she will use every opportunity to sleep and get some rest. Noise-canceling headphones can provide calm sleep, even on the plane. Trust Legendary Private Car on this one. This team provides airport shuttle rides in Chicago to numerous successful business people and knows that these headphones have helped the great majority of them with their long layovers and noisy planes.

5. Fun Coffee Mug

Did you know that you can order personal coffee mugs? Wouldn’t it be a great gift for a friend that adores coffee? Of course, it would! Coffee is practically an essential thing for all business people and what better way to remind them of your love daily than buying them a coffee mug that will have them smile while thinking about you. Think about personal jokes, happy or funny memories, and have them printed on the cup – it will have them cry happy tears, for sure! 

6. Corporate Black Car Ride(s)

Legendary Private Car has another great idea! Why not treat your friend or family member that has a lot of meetings during the day to a comfortable and super-efficient chauffeured car ride near Chicago? Lucky for you, LPC has the most reliable corporate car transportation services in the area. Let your dear workaholic relax for at least a bit while enjoying on the back seat of a sleek Lexus LS460 L or pompous Cadillac XTS. Other arriving at meetings, airports, and conferences on time, all businessmen/businesswomen feel less stressed because someone else is minding the Chicago traffic for them.

The Chicago car services that Legendary Private Car provides are numerous. You can choose whether to book a simple point to point car transfer or a convenient hourly chauffeured ride. Book a ride to the Chicago airports, and your business-obsessed friend won’t have to struggle and wonder how to get to O’Hare Airport, where to find a limo to PWK or how far is MDW from Lincoln Square, and similar. He/She will have peace of mind thanks to your gift and realize the benefits of having Legendary Private Car services as a part of his/her business journey.

7. Packing Cubes

Other very useful gifts for business people who travel a lot and have luggage with them all the time are the packing cubes. Not only will the packing be faster and much neater, but the entire luggage will be organized, and every item will be easily reachable. Efficiency and good organization in every segment in life are very important when doing business. Your friend will find this gift very helpful, and packing and unpacking will be less stressful, especially for the strict airline rules.

8. Travel Bag or Backpack

Travel Bag or Backpack - 10 Coolest Holiday Gift Ideas

Having an extra bag or backpack for traveling can always come in handy, especially when traveling often. You can also combine a new travel bag with the packing cubes and make it a complete, perfect gift for your friend that travels a lot for business. A sturdy, well-made, waterproof travel bag can last for decades, and it will be very appreciated as a gift.

9. Whiteboard with Markers

Creative thinking and problem-solving take time and an analytical way of thinking. That’s why all successful business people love using whiteboards to write down their thought processes and ideas they have. Hence a larger whiteboard with markers can be an excellent way of improving one’s work and can be really practical and fun, which makes it a perfect gift for anyone whose business requires using it. 

10. Yoga Pass for One Class/Month or Spa Day(s)

Since running a business and dedicating the majority of hours to it is extremely stressful, consider gifting your friend/family member a spa day treatment, pass for a yoga class or even classes for an entire month. It will help him/her relax and loosen up, which will benefit his/her health. Who knows, maybe he/she likes it so much that it becomes a part of the routine. It will surely improve the efficiency and quality of life.

These are a few suggestions of Legendary Private Car’s team that have proven to be successful as gift ideas for business people. Keep in mind that LPC stands by to assist you whenever you’re looking for a “black car near me” “airport limo ride Chicago” “car ride to Chicago suburbs” or any other transportation-related needs. Sleek, elegant fleet and professionals behind the wheel will make all car rides in the vicinity the most pleasant ones. Book with us and enjoy the smoothest rides!